We are a renewable energy company that develops innovative solutions to solve waste problems. We produce renewable energy using our unique advanced fast pyrolysis technology.

Why Our Work Matters

We provide a sustainable solution to waste management, creating resources that are key to a lower carbon world. We’re committed to growing value in a circular economy.


Our Strategy

GEI Mekong’s strategy is to improve waste management through the development of a circular economy whilst delivering long-term value and returns.


Our Projects

GEI Mekong is focused on ensuring waste management value adds to the circular economy, whilst providing long term returns and a sustainable decarbonised future.


Our Products

From waste and plastics, the products GEI Mekong produces are essential to growing a circular economy and ensuring a global energy transition in a lower carbon world.


Our Future

GEI Mekong’s future is clear. With a strong foundation of safety and performance, we are focused on creating essential commodities the world needs to decarbonise and sustainably grow.