Municipal Waste Project – Laguna, Manila, Philippines

GEI MEKONG is part of a joint venture project that will build a 5-line hybrid WtE facility, processing 500 tonnes of MSW per day. Daily production estimates for the 5-line hybrid facility is estimated to produce 120MW of electricity, 70,000 litres of renewable diesel (EN590 Grade), 15,000 litres of Industrial oils, and 6 tonnes of char.

The GGII Pyrolysis technology has been internationally classified as being 30,000 tons carbon negative per plant line per year. (the Laguna facility will be 100,000 tonnes carbon negative per year).

Investment Value

USD $105 million


  • 5 hybrid fast pyrolysis lines
  • Processing 500 tonnes of MSW per day
  • Yearly plant outputs:
    – 39,600 MW of electricity
    – 24.5 million litres of EN590 grade synthetic diesel
    – 5.2 million litres of industrial oils
    – 12,000 tonnes of char-fertiliser