Established in 2010, we are a proud Australian owned company that has become a global business. Formed from a partnership between Australian companies SMCS Group Investments and Global Green International Investments, we are recognised for delivering innovative, efficient, profitable and environmentally responsible waste to energy solutions.

GEI Mekong’s story begins with a belief that modern organisations, companies and governments need to optimise their use of resources and strike a balance between consumption, production, energy creation, and the environment.

Using patented Global Green International Investments (GGII) advanced Pyrolysis technology, GEI Mekong’s vision is to contribute to the conversion of the world’s vast quantities of solid wastes generated each year, into clean and renewable energy, as the world moves towards net zero emissions. 

GEI Mekong’s expertise and global partners combine to deliver bankable, low-risk turnkey waste-to-energy projects that produce carbon negative, renewable clean energy, that is environmentally, socially and financially sustainable.

Through our renewable energy projects and patented technology developments, we are rapidly diversifying our business to become an integrated, global green energy and waste management company.

At the core of our business are our values, which are empowering developing communities globally and delivering positive social, environmental and economic benefits through waste management, training, employment and business development opportunities.

By empowering our people and communities, we will continue to strive for and sustain operational excellence, achieve our goals, drive future success and deliver strong returns to our investors.