Waste A Smelly Problem

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We were so happy when we brought green energy into our business. It was a great way to bring clean energy projects to developing countries whilst doing our part as a company to keep the planet free of carbon emissions.

IMG_3182We have just made that dream come one step closer by partnering with Global Green International Investments (GGII), an international green energy company that develops innovative solutions that solve waste problems and produces renewable energy.

Green Energy Investments Mekong (GEI Mekong) has been created, and will be working on bringing pyrolysis technology to the Mekong Region using waste-to-energy plants and equipment from Japan that GGII has exclusive worldwide rights to.

GEI Mekong’s goal will be to deliver innovative, efficient, profitable and environmentally responsible solutions that convert waste-into-fuel-into-­energy and achieve zero waste.

Developing countries like Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar have massive issues with ever growing stockpiles of rubbish. In many cases, rubbish and waste is often left discarded in the streets, causing health and pollution problems.

We believe that as a company, if we can clean up the large piles of rubbish that are seen in the streets of countries like Cambodia and turn it into energy that can be used by the community, then that is a very worthwhile project to be involved with.