Pyrolysis – Why Its A Great Renewable Energy Solution

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One of the key advantages that Pyrolysis Technology (also know as waste to energy) has as a renewable energy solution is that it not only provides an alternative energy solution to conventional energy production such as coal and hydro, but it also provides a solution to one of the worlds biggest and growing pollutant issues – waste!

As populations continue to grow, waste management and its disposal has become one of the major global issues of the twenty-first century. Managing waste in any community is an important part of providing a safe and healthy living environment for the people.

imagesUnfortunately the world has a strong dependence on landfill for waste management with more than half (54%) of all solid waste being deposited in landfill in 2009. It is estimated that 70% of municipal waste, 56% of commercial & industrial waste, and 43% of construction & demolition waste goes to landfill. The environmental problems caused by landfills are numerous with landfill’s producing emissions and substances which are often toxic.

81628It is estimated that every hour, approximately 1.6 MILLION tons of waste enters our oceans. Yearly, a colossal 14 billion tons of trash ends up in our beautiful oceans. Of this waste, much of it is plastic. (read article)

But waste does not have to be a liability and can in fact be a valuable resource. Instead of land filling or incinerating municipal solid waste, plastics and other industrial waste streams, including sewerage, whether hazardous or non-hazardous, can be used as a feedstock for Pyrolysis plants to produce electricity.

GEI Mekong’s pyrolysis technology, which has been designed and invented by Japanese scientists, can produce 96,000 kilowatts of electricity per day from 50 metric tons of wet waste. Admittedly, Pyrolysis technology cannot yet act as a base load energy solution, however the benefits of producing green electricity whilst providing a credible and clean solution to our worlds growing waste problem, surely means that Pyrolysis Technology has to be rated as one of the best renewable energy solutions.

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