Project Overview

The Cambodia Government has concerns that current waste management practices involving the disposal of industrial waste from garment factories in Phnom Penh are not environmentally sustainable.

Increasing levels of daily waste collected from Phnom Penh’s Industrial zones and the impact of the landfill site where this waste is dumped continues to have a negative impact on the environment. The Government of Cambodia has expressed a desire for alternative waste management solutions.

GEI MEKONG is assessing the feasability of building and operating a waste-to-energy (Pyrolysis) facility that will process approximately 150 tons per day of industrial waste coming from local garment and manufacturing factories. The facility has the capacity to remove and process industrial waste that has been dumped into an existing landfill site over the past 20 years.

Facility Type

2 x Hybrid pyrolysis lines processing 150 tons of industrial waste per day and producing 4MW’s of electricity and 24,000 litres of synthetic fuel (EN 590) per day.

1 x Hybrid pyrolysis line processing 5000 truck, car and motorbike tyres per day and producing 15,000 litres of synthetic fuel (EN 590) per day.

Project Investment

$35 million usd