Ministry of Environment Issues Permit to GEI

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On the 14th of December 2021, the Cambodia Ministry of Environment issued a permit to GEI Mekong, allowing the company to establish its waste-to-energy facilities throughout Cambodia.

The permit, which allows GEI Mekong to process municipal and industrial waste, plastics and rubber vehicle tyres, not only endorses GEI Mekong’s waste-to-energy technology, but shows that the Cambodia Government has a strong willingness to improve waste management in Cambodia.

“We are extremely excited about obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Environment in Cambodia.” said William Willis, Director and Chief Executive Officer of GEI Mekong. “The permit and endorsement from the Ministry strengthens GEI’s position as a leader in waste-to-energy and allows our company to move forward with our vision to assist Cambodia in being a leader in waste management in ASEAN.” Willis said.

GEI Mekong now plans to move forward with its earmarked projects, with a focus on building a waste-to-energy facility Sihanoukville Province.