GEI Starts Discussions With GAEA

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GEI MEKONG has commenced discussions with GAEA.

GAEA (Global Action for Environment Action) is a waste collection and management company operating in several provinces in Cambodia.

GEI MEKONG and GAEA have started discussions about building a pilot waste-to-energy facility in Siem Reap Province that will process municipal waste collected by GAEA and convert it into energy.

The pilot project will start with a Hybrid waste-to-energy plant that will be able to process 70 tons of wet municipal waste per day, producing 2MW’s of electricity and 12,000 litres of synthetic-diesel.

GEI MEKONG has been advocating the Cambodia Government to stop the practice of dumping rubbish into landfill sites around the country, instead, supporting GEI MEKONG’s waste-to-energy facilities that can process all of the waste and convert it into much needed clean energy.

For information about GEI MEKONG’s planned project with GAEA please contact us.