GEI MEKONG To Rebrand Its Social Media

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GEI MEKONG is re-branding all of its social media.

With the company’s focus now primarily on building waste-to-energy plants, using its innovative pyrolysis technology that turns waste into energy, GEI MEKONG is re-branding its social media platforms to reflect the change.

GEI MEKONG uses its Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a soon to be launched new You Tube Page to promote and share news about its waste-to-energy technology.

Commencing immediately, all GEI MEKONG social media platforms will display the wording ‘Waste To Energy Solutions’.

“With waste management such a massive issue in the Mekong Countries, we thought it would have a greater impact to our brand if we used waste to energy solutions as our them on our social media platforms.” said Steve Morrish, Director of GEI MEKONG.

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