GEI Mekong Is Launched

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In its continued push to expand its presence throughout South East Asia, Global Green International (GGI) has signed a formal partnership agreement with Cambodia based company SMCS RISK

The partnership, Green Energy Investments Mekong (GEI Mekong) will focus on building waste to energy projects in the Mekong countries, with a primary focus on Cambodia, where waste and electricity issues are a development goal for the Government.

Cambodia is rapidly developing, driven by increased investment and increased tourist numbers visiting to the country. But a higher demand for electricity and need to dispose of large amounts of waste is becoming problematic for the Cambodian Government.

GGI’s waste to energy plant technology are the perfect solution for Cambodia; providing a green energy solution to areas of Cambodia where electricity supply is intermittent and waste is dumped into landfill sites.

GEI Mekong has already commenced discussion with several Provinces in Cambodia to build waste to energy plants in their areas.

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