GEI MEKONG Conducts Feasibility Assessment

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GEI MEKONG has commenced a study into the feasibility of building a waste to energy facility at an exisiting landfill site in Cambodia.

The landfill site, which has been in operation for over 10 years, has been receiving industrial waste from garment and footwear factories in the area.

The feasibility study is assessing the amount of waste being dumped into the landfill on a daily basis and what the calorific value of the waste is.

Waste with a higher calorific value, like polystyrene, rubber, plastic containers, foam packaging and many others are the ideal waste streams for our waste-to-energy facilities.

GEI MEKONG’s Pyrolysis facilities can process approximately 50 tons of wet waste per day, producing 4MW’s of power for an electricity facility or 2MW’s of power and 12,000 litres of diesel for a hybrid facility.

Initial assessment indicates that GEI MEKONG could build 3 hybrid facilities at the landfill site to handle new daily waste and to clear existing landfill.

It is estimated that Cambodia currently produces approximately 4000 tonnes of fresh waste per day with all of it being dumped into landfill. Using GEI MEKONG technology, 4000 tonnes of waste per day could be converted into 320MW’s of electricity per day.

For more information about GEI MEKONG’s waste-to-energy technology or to discuss investment please contact us.