GEI Mekong Adds Hydrogen Conversion To Waste Treatment

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GEI Mekong’s technology partner GGII has added the ability to convert waste into hydrogen to its Pyrolysis process.

The new technology will allow GEI Mekong to configure its waste-to-energy facilities to be able to produce hydrogen from its municipal and industrial waste feedstocks, further complementing GEI Mekong’s existing ability to convert waste into renewable energies electricity and synthetic-diesel.

The added process will create hydrogen from Pyrolysis syn-gas. Syngas contains carbon monoxide and hydrogen and can be used in gas turbine fuel and solid oxide fuel cells.

“This is a fantastic value add to our business because it will not only allow us to produce hydrogen from our waste but more importantly it will allow our company to provide a carbon-negative solution.” said Steve Morrish, Chairman of GEI Mekong.

GEI Mekong will provide more details on its website, about its new hydrogen producing technology in the coming weeks.

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