GEI Creates New Waste To Energy Video

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GEI MEKONG has created a new Waste To Energy Video.

In an effort to better explain the concept of waste-to-energy technology, the process by which this occurs and the benefits of converting waste into energy, GEI MEKONG has created a new short video.

The video, which is being shared across all of GEI MEKONG’s social media platforms, has been created in an infographic format, designed to make the renewable energy concept more appealing to younger viewers.

“Explaining waste-to-energy technology in a simple format is often challenging, especially when discussing the technology with people who haven’t been exposed to renewable energy concepts. We think video will make the process a lot easier to understand and get more people passionate about stopping the dumping of rubbish into landfill and converting it into green energy.” said Steve Morrish, Director of GEI MEKONG.

GEI MEKONG is currently liaising with the Cambodian Government to build some waste-to-energy facilities in Cambodia and the video has already been positively received by several Government stakeholders.

For more information about the new video or about GEI MEKONG’s projects please contact us via email.