GEI Announces New Project In Laos

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GEI MEKONG has announced that it has a new waste-to-energy project in Savannaket, Laos.

The Board of GEI MEKONG has agreed to add a waste-to-energy project in Savannaket, Laos to its current list of waste-to-energy projects that the company is seeking funding for. GEI MEKONG will be a non-operator, share owner in the project.

The Savannaket, Laos project will initially build a waste-to-energy facility housing one Twin-Pyrolysis chamber diesel production line that will process 80 tons of municipal waste per, producing 15,000 litres of bio-diesel per day.

The 15,000 litres of diesel per day will be marketed to a local distributor who will sell the diesel to companies in Laos.

Phase 2 of the project, earmarked for year 3 of the facility’s operation, will look to build a second pyrolysis line which will process a further 100 tons of municipal waste per day and produce 48MW’s of electricity for the Laos National Grid.

GEI MEKONG and its partners are now seeking $14.7 million usd in funding to build the project which has Laos Government support and approvals.

For more information about the new Savannaket project or to enquire about investment opportunities please contact GEI MEKONG.