Respecting human rights and a commitment to strong governance and anti-corruption are important to the sustainability of our business and are enablers in understanding and addressing significant risks. They are also important to our ability to contribute meaningful and ongoing social value to our stakeholders.

GEI Mekong’s risk exposure and controls relating to potential adverse human rights impacts in our supply chain are managed in accordance with our Risk Framework. We manage these risks through an approach underpinned by Our Code of Conduct and our Human Rights Policy Statement and the Our Requirements for Supply standard, which includes the Minimum requirements for suppliers. Compliance with the Minimum requirements for suppliers is necessary for doing business with GEI Mekong and they are included in our procurement standard contract and purchase order terms and conditions.

Our Ethical Supply Chain and Transparency Program is the primary preventative control to manage the risk of a human rights breach within our supply chain. The program’s processes are applicable to all current and new suppliers of non-traded goods and services. We take this responsibility seriously and see it as not only important to the sustainable operation of our business, but as the right thing to do.

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