Managing Climate Change Risks

Wherever we operate, we’re committed to doing what is right – we continually monitor and analyse potential impacts of climate change risks and look for opportunities to reduce the environmental impact caused by waste management.

Human Rights

At the core of our business is respecting Human Rights. Respect is critical to the sustainability and success of our company and we will always respect the rights of individuals and groups who interact with our business.

Our Code Of Conduct

Whether you are an employee, supplier, customer or shareholder, we expect everyone to be fully committed to working with integrity and Our Code of Conduct specifically prohibits engaging in unethical behaviour.

Anti Corruption Compliance

GEI Mekong takes anti-corruption very seriously. Our anti-corruption compliance work is at the core of our operations and shows how determined we are to play a significant role in the global fight against corruption.

Competition Law Compliance

GEI Mekong is committed to full compliance with competition laws, and the enforcement of competition laws against those third parties who act in an anti-competitive manner. We prohibit anti-competitive conduct with our competitors.

Interacting With Governments

GEI Mekong’s ability to conduct our operations and business is directly affected by governments and their decision-making. It is important that our relationships with Governments remains open, constructive and ethical.