What is electricity?

You might of wondered at some point; what is electricity?

Electricity is all around us; whether you look to nature and watch an electrical storm with powerful electrical strikes or simply flick on a light inside your house or open the fridge; electricity is a part of our everyday lives.

But to really understand what electricity is, we need to understand the science behind it.

It all starts with atoms

Atoms are small particles that are the basic building blocks of everything around us. Atoms are made up of even smaller elements, called protons, electrons and neutrons. When electrical and magnetic forces move electrons from one atom to another, an electrical current is formed.

Where is electricity used?

Construction & Infrastructure

Electricity is commonly used across residential and industrial construction, and throughout infrastructure like power grids and traffic lights.


As more and more vehicles use electricity as a power source, the way of the future is to have electric cars, trucks, aircraft and trains.

Household Products

Most household consumer products like refrigerators, TV’s, microwaves and heaters all need electricity to operate.