What is Bio Diesel?

Bio diesel consists of chemicals with a wide range or molecular weight distribution that can be used as a direct replacement for Standard Diesel.

Our bio diesel can be refined to meet international fuel standards and has less impact on the environment while still delivering the same high quality demanded by users of fuel.

Why do we produce Bio Diesel?

With millions of litres of diesel consumed around the world each day, we believe that energy demand is expected to rise over the next decade as populations grow, living standards increase and urbanisation continues.

So too is the demand for energy sources that are a cleaner, lower in carbon emissions and better for our environment.

Where is Bio Diesel used?

Shipping & Freight

Shipping is the main transport mode for global trade with around 90% of traded goods carried over ocean waves.

Mining & Heavy Industry

Diesel is a significant energy source for the mining and heavy industry. It is commonly  used for material transport processes.


The transportation industry relies on diesel engines to move a wife range of good and personnel by ground and water.