What is Bio Char?

Bio Char is a charcoal like substance with similar properties to coke. It can be used as a substitute for other industrial fuels to produce heat required for drying feedstock and/or to supply heat and create energy.

What are the benefits of Bio Char?

Bio Char has multi-faceted benefits and is being adopted heavily by the agricultural industry. It can aid in nutrient retention and caption exchange capacity, decrease soil acidity, improve soil structure, increase water holding capacity and decrease the release of non-CO2 greenhouse gases.

What are the uses of Bio Char.


When added to soil, Bio Char improves plant growth and enhances crop yields, increasing food production and sustainability in areas with depleted soils or limited organic resources.


Bio Char, when used as a solid fuel, has excellent properties. As a heating agent it contributes to energy conservation and emission reduction and can partially replace coal and coke.

Soil Improvement

Bio Char can be used to improve soil fertility by increasing the capacity of the soil to store water, improve the aeration of the soil and help the release of nutrients.