Our Story

GEI Mekong’s story begins with a belief that modern organisations, companies and governments need to optimise their use of resources and strike a balance between consumption, production, energy creation, and the environment.

With an ethos of ‘Innovative Solutions That Make a Cleaner World’, GEI Mekong in partnership with its global partners, focuses on technology and infrastructure that will make the world better by¬†delivering innovative, efficient, profitable¬†and environmentally responsible waste management solutions.

Green Energy Investments Mekong (GEI Mekong) is a partnership between Global Green International Investments (GGII), SMCS GROUP INVESTMENTS (SMCS GROUP) and Development Project Support Services Pty Ltd (DPSS), and focuses on building renewable energy projects in countries that have waste-management issues, with a primary focus on building waste-to-energy (pyrolysis) facilities. Our mission is to support countries where waste management and energy reliability issues are a development goal for the Government.